Our neighbors are the faces of RTP – the folks that welcome us into their homes and enable us to do purposeful work that improves not only the condition of their housing, but the communities where they live, and the safety and vibrancy of their daily lives.

Meet Marshall & Lorena

At age 72, Marshall and Lorena, “Renie,” have a lovely home and sweet relationship. Marshall served 6 years in the Navy on the USS Enterprise, seeing 18 months of combat in Vietnam. He and Renie have raised 6 kids in their 3-bedroom home and now have 12 grandkids. Just within the past five years, Marshall recovered from leukemia and uses a walker.

Renie is the handy one and do-it-yourselfer around the home. She has taken out walls, laid new flooring, and repainted each level of her home, making many trips to her local Home Depot. Walking through their home and hearing her renovation projects feels like an episode of a home improvement TV show. When #TeamDepot volunteers worked on their home in 2018, they weatherized the windows and doors, sealed up cracks, and touched up the crumbling wrought-iron porch railing. Renie so appreciated the volunteers’ efforts that she cooked them a delicious lunch that could have fed 40 people!

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Meet Marshall & Lorena

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Our ability to stay safe at home is largely dependent on the quality of our housing. Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh delivers home repairs to our neighbors who need it most.

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Through their support and collaboration, we are capable of providing and facilitating comprehensive care to low-income homeowners and their families.