Neighborhoods and communities across Allegheny County know Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh because we meet people in the communities they live in.

Real Impact in Our Communities

Neighborhoods and communities across Allegheny County know Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh because we meet people in the communities they live in. Low-income, elderly, veteran, and disabled individuals forge relationships with RTP staff every day, as our dedicated staff work with homeowners to identify the comprehensive services that will help them live safer, healthier, and happier lives. Our work is further enhanced by established, local partnerships that work together to bring the most value to homeowners and their families.

While RTP is anchored by its direct home repair work, there are four distinct areas in which our services impact the communities we serve. These major impact areas include Safe and Healthy Homes, Neighbors, Communities, and Volunteers.

Safe & Healthy Homes

Creating safer and healthier homes is the ultimate goal of RTP’s work. Spanning from environmental health hazards like mold, lead, and radon to safety complications like electrical problems and accessibility issues, RTP deploys several programs to address these critical needs. Download our Safe & Healthy Homes inforgraphic here.


No one can articulate the overall impact of RTP’s work better than the homeowners who receive our support. Each homeowner has a unique and inspiring story to tell. We are honored to make a positive difference in the lives of our neighbors in need, particularly when our work leads to improved quality of life and peace of mind for them and their families.

See why homeowners like Dewyne called on RTP for assistance with structural repairs to positively impact his family’s well-being, safety, and housing legacy.


RTP is not satisfied with going into a home, providing our services, and getting out. Our homeowners deserve the care and respect that we would offer a family member or a loved one. With this in mind, we have developed deep community partnerships designed to fill gaps and provide essential services that are above and beyond what we directly offer. Through our growing network of partners, we are able to facilitate more comprehensive care to homeowners and expand our impact on the communities and neighbors most in need of our support.


Since RTP’s inception, volunteers have joined us in serving homeowners and residents across Allegheny County in a variety of ways.

As a part of our commitment to creating opportunities for community engagement and investment in our work, RTP welcomes volunteers to participate in activities that provide direct support to our clients and staff.

Explore why Jordan, Sue, and others have dedicated their time and energy to help neighbors transform their homes in Allegheny County through volunteering with RTP.

Get Involved

If you are wondering how to help out your neighbors, RTP has a ton of ways to get involved!

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Support Safe & Healthy Housing

Our ability to stay safe at home is largely dependent on the quality of our housing. Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh delivers home repairs to our neighbors who need it most.