We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home.

Our History

Founded in 1993, with the support of The Master Builders Association of Western Pennsylvania and the Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council of Carpenters, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh (RTP) has spent the last 28 years working to transform the lives of homeowners in need and the communities they call home.

Since its founding, RTP has grown into a nonprofit organization with an annual budget of more than $6 million that supports the work of 25 staff, dozens of professional sub-contractors, and more than 1,000 volunteers who work to complete 100 physical rehabilitation projects annually for low-income homeowners in Allegheny County.

Our Vision

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh rebuilds homes for low-income individuals with an emphasis on seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities. The lasting impact of our work is homeowners living safe and healthy lives in stabilized, revitalized neighborhoods. Through our home repair work, case management, and partnerships with valued service agencies throughout Allegheny County, we improve the daily quality of life for our neighbors in need.

Our construction professionals provide qualifying individuals with home rehabilitations, energy efficiency upgrades, and safe and healthy housing improvements at no cost to the homeowner. In the short-term, our work allows homeowners to live safely, without tripping or fall hazards, without environmental hazards, and without pests and contaminants. Safe and healthy homes are also clean, well-maintained, and free from fire or mold hazards. In the long-term, we strengthen the living conditions and well-being of at-risk homeowners, empowering them to thrive with greater health, safety, and peace of mind.

The power of our work lies in strong partnerships—with communities, with funders, with volunteers, with trained subcontractors, and with individual homeowners. Together, we can improve communities, one safe and healthy home at a time.

Our Mission

Repairing Homes. Revitalizing Communities. Rebuilding Lives.

Our Core Values

At Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, the focus of our work is helping low-income homeowners – specifically seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities – live independently and safely in their homes.

Our core values reflect our commitment to leverage our resources for the betterment of the communities we serve; implement policies and practices that consider diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and needs; and explore new ways to be better. At Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, we pledge to:


Embrace Adaptability;


Champion an Authentic Approach to Diversity;


Seek Empowerment by Building Trust and Respect;


Pursue Socially Beneficial Outcomes;


Commit to Quality; and


Preserve Passion for the Mission.

RTP + Equity

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh exists to help low-income homeowners maintain and keep their homes. We recognize that performing this work means confronting the many social, economic, and health inequities that have been levied on communities of color from decades of discriminatory development methods, redlining, and vast displacement practices.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as our efforts to ensure affordable homeownership and community participation in our decision-making processes.

Volunteer with Us!

Volunteers play a significant role in RTP’s home repair work. Amplify our neighbors’ understanding that the work and services they receive come directly from those in their own community.

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Special thanks to our partners

Through their support and collaboration, we are capable of providing and facilitating comprehensive care to low-income homeowners and their families.