Our neighbors are the faces of RTP – the folks that welcome us into their homes and enable us to do purposeful work that improves not only the condition of their housing, but the communities where they live, and the safety and vibrancy of their daily lives.

Meet Carol

Carol’s roots have had over 50 years to grow in the town she loves, Millvale, PA. She got married, bought a house, and worked in town. Now, at 75 years of age, she continues to take advantage of living within walking distance of everything she needs – groceries, delis, baked goods, friends, and the pet store she visits to take care of her four beautiful birds. She loves her town.

“Millvale is a very old town but it’s almost like a family thing. We have a lot of people in and out, but the ones that are older and stay here, they’re wonderful.”

She and her husband shared 40 years of marriage together in their home.

“This is where we lived. This is where he was sick, where he passed away.…when I’m here, it’s like a security blanket. I feel safe. I feel him here and I feel peaceful. If I had to move, it’d be devastating.”

Like many of her neighbors, Carol’s home sits above the creek which floods often. Her basement had holes that the water flowed easily through, flooding her house multiple times. Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh repaired these holes, making them as water-tight as possible, to prevent another devastating rain from infiltrating her beloved home.

“I just can’t believe what they’re going to do. It’s wonderful. That means that I don’t have to do it, put the money out which I don’t have.”

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Our ability to stay safe at home is largely dependent on the quality of our housing. Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh delivers home repairs to our neighbors who need it most.

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